Be $100
more chilled

Cleo can spot you a cash advance when you’re short on funds. No fees, no interest, just $5.99 a month to feel super calm about money.

Get ahead

The average person pays $250 in bank fees. Cleo tracks your spending and bills to give you a heads up way before your bank can charge you.

Make room for fun

Fully personalised budgeting.
Sorry. That word. Budgets are beautiful though and you’re going to love yours.

Talk it out

What do you want to be doing with your money? Like big goals. Cleo is here to coach you for the long term. Make that the last late fee you ever pay.

Save it up

Turn on cashback and round ups to grow your savings in the background. Car, jet ski, we don’t care. Just don’t keep giving it to your bank.


Fun fact: we don't sell your data. This should be standard for every company (it’s not).
Hit up these links to read our security pledge.

$250,000 guarantee

Bank level encryption

No data sharing

Trusted by over 1.7M users

What some of our users say

Brad Mychael

This app is magic. Buying my first car next week  🚗🚗🚗

Aaron Pohdajei

I love Cleo after just a few weeks it has already helped me to spend wisely and keep me on track for any upcoming bills or payments due out. I’m super impressed


She’s such a babe, honestly makes everything so easy. Love my Cleo

Dannielle Goodell

I love you Cleo, She is my Oprah